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These terms and conditions are applied to orders from AquaHerp.com webshop.



All electrical appliances are of European standard; 230V/50Hz, with Europlugs and meet CE requirements.



All orders from AquaHerp Webshop must be paid in advance. Payment methods which will not bring any credit risk to the seller (for example credit card based payments) are considered equivalent to prepayments.

Available payment options for different countries are visible in the checkout process.

Paypal and EU Bank Transfer are available to customers from any country.

Due to security and convenience reasons, direct credit card payments are not accepted, credit card can be used via Paypal.

PLEASE NOTE: Bank transfer payment must be paid in the form of standard EU bank transfer with IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Bank Identifier Code) numbers. If Standard EU bank transfer cannot be used, the payer must cover all transaction costs derived from other types of bank transactions .

All goods remain unqualified property of the seller until payment has been received in full.



Prices and shipping costs are subject to change without a prior notice. The pricing used at the moment when the order has been confirmed is valid for the order in question.

In the case there has been a clear mistake in the prices visible in the online shop, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

All prices include VAT (Value Added Tax) and are shipped from an EU member country as an EU-shipment. If there are any tax liabilities due to the local legislation different from the general EU commodity VAT regulations, the customer will be liable for the tax.

Shipping costs are based on the order weight and the destination country. Actual shipping cost is calculated in the shopping cart before checkout and it is based on the delivery country and the order weight.



All products that can be ordered from AquaHerp Webshop are ready for instant delivery at the company warehouse.

Your order is typically shipped from our warehouse within a couple of working days. Actual shipping time depends on the distance and local conditions.

Deliveries can only be made while stocks last. In the case that all ordered goods are not deliverable within a few days, we reserve the right to ship the order in part.

Out-of-Stock products can be replaced with similar products only if the customer permits this after a contact from our customer service. If product replacement is not possible, the value of the missing product(s) will be refunded.

Out-of-Stock product is automatically replaced with another one if an older product model has been replaced with an updated version or there have been changes in product labeling etc. Some products might have variable packages although the product itself remains the same.



If an order is cancelled BEFORE it is shipped out from the warehouse (hence no shipping costs has occurred), there will be no cancellation costs to the client.

Shipping costs (delivery and return) are not refundable. Goods must be returned at buyers own cost.

Returned goods must be in mint (unused) condition. If the returned product show signs of use or damage or the packages are not in original condition (hence the products cannot be sold as new & unused), we reserve the right to reduce compensation according to the reduction of the reselling value. Due to the nature of products, most used products are not refundable (a product that has been used in an aquarium or terrarium and has been in contact with animals or their enclosures is contaminated and forms a biological thread to other animals).

Faulty goods are fully refundable. Products that have malfunctioned or broken during the warranty period are refundable, but the achieved use value can be deducted from the compensation.

Goods broken due to misuse or improper handling are not refundable.



Warranty covers failures and breakages that occur due to faulty components and other manufacturing errors.

The general warranty period is one (1) year for electrical appliances.

Warranty period is calculated from the purchase date.

In practice, breakages covered by warranty occur typically shortly (within a few weeks or months) after the product is taken into use, hence a faulty device breaks when it is still in new condition.



There are some situations in which warranty is exempted.

Warranty does not cover damages that are caused by normal wear and tear.

For example:

In external canister filters impellers and rubber seals need to be replaced sometimes with spare parts due to wear and aging.

If a product is used in a way it is not designed to be used, warranty does not apply.

Warranty does not apply in situations in which damages are caused by misuse or conditions that the device is not designed to withstand.

For example:

- a water pump (power head, aquarium filter, stream pump) is designed to be used continuously. The pump is supposed to be installed in a suitable place, plugged in and run for weeks or months until it is sometimes plugged out for cleaning. These pumps are not designed to be operated for short periods with a timer control and turned on and off in a frequent basis. Therefore, any damages caused by frequent on/off operation are not covered by warranty. (A common outcome in that situation actually is that the pump does not break, but the impeller fails to start spinning without external assistance when the timer turns on the power).

- a dosing pump is designed to add small amounts of liquid on a more or less frequent basis, but not to be run continuously for a period longer than a few minutes like normal water pumps.

- A reptile heat mat is not designed to be placed in a too tight space or under weight (between table top and flat terrarium bottom, under a flat rock inside terrarium), especially if weight concentrated on a small spot. Any damages caused to the heat mat by weight or lack of air circulation are not covered by warranty.

Damages caused by faulty voltage are not covered by the warranty.

Damages which are caused by over voltage / power surge are not covered by the warranty, no matter what has caused the exposure. Therefore, especially devices with 12V parts (with integrated transformers) like mist makers / foggers, ventilation fans and LED, metal Halide and fluorescent lights / light systems in general should not be used without surge protection .

Damages caused by timers are not covered by the warranty.

Some electronic timers might be dangerous to electrical appliances with parts sensitive to power surges, therefore all damages caused by timers are not covered by warranty. In order to avoid damages, it is recommend to use only mechanical timers that cannot manipulate the electricity going through them. Electronic timers should not be used without surge protection between them and the device.

Warranty does not apply to damages caused by normal aging.

Each product has a normal expectable service time. This applies especially to electrical appliances.

For example:

LED-light system has multiple diods and each diod has an average service life of XX hours or an individual diod can last up to XXX hours. This does not mean that each diod in the light unit will last that exact number of hours, after which they all break and the light unit becomes totally unusable. Some of the diods are likely to loose power or even break completely long before that XX, but the light unit remains usable although loosing some of its original power due to aging.

Most aquarium and terrarium appliances are mechanically simple and durable, as they are designed to be used continuously or for long periods every day. These types of devices can be expected to have a service life of multiple years in normal use. Therefore, many products like heat lamp assemblies and external filters have a long service life, while some products like heat mats have significantly shorter usable life and incandescent light bulbs typically last only a few months use.

Incandescent heat lamps are exempted from warranty due to the fact that all incandescent lamp manufacturers make their lamps according to the same standard which is set to limit bulb service life. As this causes a significant variation in the life of an individual bulb which in average is expected to be short anyway, heat bulbs are primarily sold in economical 6-packs.



Due to the multilingual operation of AquaHerp, user instructions are not shipped with a product. User Instructions for AquaHerp brand items are published in an electronic form and are available from AquaHerp website. Also, Instructions and application tips regarding other similar products from other brands are usually applicable to AquaHerp products (and vice versa).

Products that are not of AquaHerp brand often have instructions enclosed or printed on the package, but all languages are often not included in every packing version. Detailed product information for these products can be found on the manufacturer (Brand) website).



Customer privacy and security of personal information are a priority in our service. In order to ensure this, we collect and store as little personal data of our clients as possible.

Collected customer information is only used for processing your order. Customer data is only used within our company and it will not be given to any third party. Information can be only shared with service providers responsible for delivering your order.

We do not collect or store credit card information, as direct credit card payments are not being accepted. Information related to credit card based payments (Paypal) is secured by the payment service provider.



These Terms and Conditions are applied in accordance with EU e-commerce regulations. These terms and conditions will be followed in all issues related to sales and customer relations.

The company reserves a right to modify these terms and conditions in order to keep them in accordance with our operation requirements and service objectives.



AquaHerp brand, AquaHerp.com webshop and other business operations are managed by:


Executive Ordinance Oy Ltd
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FI-00521 Helsinki

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