TerraFog Humidifier / 6-PACK

This terrarium humidifier is designed for external use; the fogger unit is placed outside a terrarium or vivarium and the fine mist is blown into the terrarium through a pipe. The pipe end can be placed against a ventilation mesh on top or side of the terrarium hence the whole unit can be kept outside of the terrarium. It is also possible to divide the pipe for two separate misting points or use the same fogger to humidify two different terrariums.

Mist maker unit has an internal 1,5 liter water tank and it can be placed on top or next to a terrarium. It is operated by an ultrasonic disc which creates fine water mist by high frequency vibration and the mist is blown out of the unit by a small fan. Misting power is adjustable. The ultrasonic unit will automatically turn off if the water tank runs dry. The mist pipe is flexible and can be easily cut to suitable length. In practice, the shorter the pipe is kept the better is the operation as some of the fine mist can condensate on the internal walls if the pipe is extended to its maximum length.

Terrarium foggers or mist makers create fine mist with ultrasonic vibration; hence the mist creation is not based on evaporation accelerated with heating. It is recommendable to use clean water in order to avoid calcification on the ultrasonic disc. If the ultrasonic disc gets calcified, it can be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and water.

NOTE! This terrarium fogger is not designed to be turned on / off on a frequent basis. Frequent starting might shorten the working life of this product. It is recommended to use a timer to turn the fogger on several times a day for a suitable period. If this terrarium fogger is operated by an automatic humidity control / hygrostat, it is strongly recommended to use a starting delay or set a difference between start and desired humidity levels. (Operation delay means that if the target humidity level is set to fixed 70%, the unit will wait a couple of minutes before it turns the fogger on when the humidity drops below 70%. It is much better to use difference between the start and target humidity levels, meaning that if the target level is 70%, the fogger is turned on when the humidity level has dropped to 65%. The fogger will hence operate for a longer period and will not turn on / off so often).

SPECIAL NOTE! This is a 230V / 50Hz device, but as the ultrasonic unit operates on 12V voltage, this humidifier is VERY SENSITIVE to over voltage. Therefore, it should be protected against electrical surges (voltage spikes). If the unit is exposed even to a small over-voltage, the 12V parts can / will break instantly. The sensitive part in this humidifier is the adjustable fan which blows the mist through the exit tube, specifically the electric components that control the fan speed. If the humidifier is exposed to over-voltage created by a digital timer or other similar source, the fan control is likely to break very easily, which will stop the fan completely or restrict the fan speed to minimum level. This problem can be repaired / avoided by bypassing the fan speed control parts.

The fogger has been tested with simple mechanical timers that will not manipulate the voltage, while electronic timers might generate an electrical surge fatal to the 12V parts. The best practice with this humidifier, due to the sensitive fan speed control, is to turn it on and off manually.

6-Pack = 6 units package deal.

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