Reptile Solar UVB Lamp E27 100W Frozen

Mercury Vapor lamps are the closest imitation of natural sunlight that can be created with a single light bulb. Mercury Vapor bulb produces full-spectrum light, heat (infrared radiation), UVA and UVB radiation like the sun. Although Mercury Vapor lamp is not as cost effective source of bright full-spectrum illumination as Metal Halide lights, it does produce UVB radiation unlike Metal Halide bulbs. Mercury Vapor Bulb is actually the best source of artificial UVB radiation in a terrarium environment.

Mercury Vapor Lamp can be used as the only light and UVB source for diurnal reptiles from deserts and other open and sunny areas, although it is often most useful as an effective basking spot and UVB lamp.

This light bulb has an internal reflector which directs the radiation effectively. Due to the the power of these lamps, they are suitable for relatively large terrariums.

These UVB Mercury Vapor light bulbs are self-ballasted so they can be used like normal incandescent bulbs in light systems with standard E27 socket.

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