Feedback & Reclamation

AquaHerp products are carefully evaluated and tested before being accepted to the AquaHerp line. However, as a testing sample size and testing period length are limited, the initial test results are only indicating general product quality, especially concerning actual expectable service life.

Therefore it is very useful for AquaHerp to receive information about the actual product durability which is typically much (= years) longer than the warranty period during which the product is guaranteed against malfunctions.

If a certain product appears to have a recurring structural weakness, it can be improved in forthcoming production or the device will be redesigned / replaced completely.

For example:

Incandescent bulbs (E27 heating lamps) are manufactured according to the general industrial standards, according to which they are designed to have a limited service life. This is called Planned obsolescence / Planned aging which means that they have intentionally limited useful life. (Incandescent light bulbs are an archetype of Planned Obsolescence; known as The Light Bulb Conspiracy.) This planned aging applies to all incandescent light bulbs that are being manufactured. Because of this, ALL LIGHT BULBS SOLD AS REPTILE SUPPLIES (or as something else) ARE DESIGNED TO HAVE A SHORT SERVICE LIFE, THE BRAND NAME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

AquaHerp is trying to supply light bulbs that on average would be as long lasting as possible, but the evaluation of this is challenging (100 pieces of each bulb model should be burned continuously until at least 75% of them have broken. So we would need 100 sets of E27 lamp fixtures, space for them and 100 pieces * 25W * 24 hours = 60 KWh of electricity every day in order to test one 25W bulb model properly). Therefore, we are very happy to receive information from reptile hobbyists using heat bulbs about the actual light bulb service life. This can be done simply by writing down the date when a new bulb was installed, how long it has been used per day (assuming that it is timer controlled) and the day it broke. Even a small-time hobbyist with just one terrarium is generating useful data with a 6-Pack of bulbs.


AquaHerp Product Malfunction Report:

In order to evaluate product quality, especially causes of malfunction, reclamation and other product performance feedback needs to be received in a standard form.

A report can be given by copying the following questions, answering them and sending report accompanied by client information to the contact email. Report can be copy-pasted as text to the message field.

Take photographs of the malfunctioned product if any damages are visible. Photos do not need to be attached to the report, but they can be requested afterwards for clarification.

Photographs can be sent in .jpg format as email attachments. NOTE! Photos must be resized so that they are smaller than 500Kb.

(In the case of a warranty issue, do not discard the broken product until the reclamation has been processed.)

Here is an example of a properly filled report (downloadable .pdf.) Example report


A standard malfunction report has to answer the following questions:

Date of report:

Product (product name and product number):

AquaHerp order number:

Date of purchase:

Date of malfunction:

Description of the malfunction:

Description of conditions in which the product has been used:

Has a surge protector been used with product?

Has the product been used with a timer?

If yes, what were the timer settings?

If yes, with electronic or analog timer and was a surge protector used between timer and product?

Other details / comments:

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