LED Aquarium Light Daylight-A 50cm 11W

Modern lightweight LED light for aquariums, terrariums and plants. The spectrum of this LED light unit is designed to match daylight wavelengths in order to fulfill the photosynthetic needs of both regular and aquarium plants while keeping the general light color as neutral (white) as possible. Wavelength combination is suitable to all kinds of plants that thrive in normal daylight and also to marine aquariums housing macro algae and corals, especially species living in lower water depths. This light fixture has a special functional design, which enables pure white light (blue and red LEDs turned off) when natural neutral light is desirable, for example in photographing

11W LED light fixture is designed to replace a two-tube fluorescent light fixture of similar length. It has a passive silent cooling system without integrated cooling fans. Frame length is modular so that the light can be fitted to most aquarium and terrarium sizes. Lightweight construction allows the fixture to be used with integrated legs, placed directly on aquarium / terrarium glass / screen cover or suspended above plants.

Although externally similar with LED light fixtures offered under other brand names, this model is more advanced in both operation and light spectrum. Power switch has three positions; all LEDs on, only white LEDs on and power off. This allows the user to turn off all colored (red and blue) LEDs and illuminate aquarium / terrarium (or other target) with pure white light. This is very useful for photographing. In other similar light fixtures, the switch operation is the opposite (blue LEDs on - all LEDs on – Off) and the fixture cannot be used to produce neutral white light. The light spectrum has been optimized for plants so there are both red and blue wavelength LED chips along white ones, while the other similar light fixtures only have blue and white LEDs.

Extendable legs can be mounted directly on aquarium glass walls (max. 12mm glass). Legs are removable and the holes for the rods go through the entire light fixture frame. This enables to make extended custom legs from any 4mm round steel or aluminum bar and to mount several light units to each other.

Due to the removable legs and their drilled through holes, this light fixture is easy to suspend with wire or even strong fishing line. As the transformer is in a separate unit which is connected to the 12V light panel with a quick-detachable cable, the light fixture is very lightweight. This makes suspension application easy and the light panel can be placed directly on aquarium or terrarium top cover with or without mounting legs.

Light fixture length (50cm) is modular and a larger or an odd shaped aquarium or terrarium can be easily illuminated with multiple light panels, which is often more applicable than using one very long fixed frame light fixture.

NOTE! When the power of LED light is compared to the power of other lighting technologies (fluorescent tubes, metal halide lights etc.), it is important to understand the effect of different wavelengths to the visible light. Human eye observes white full spectrum light (comparable to the natural sunlight) as the brightest light. Specialized artificial light that only contains narrow spectrum of blue or red wavelengths or a full spectrum light that has a color temperature (K) significantly different than natural sun light is not observed to be as bright as white light, although the actual light radiation is the same. For example, a 20W daylight fluorescent tube with 6500K-10 000K spectrum (= cool white light) looks brighter than a 20W 2700K tube (= warm white / yellowish light) or a 20W red-blue plant tube when evaluated by human eye, although they produce exactly the same amounts of light energy.

LED light that has been designed to be optimal for live plants has LEDs that produce just red and blue wavelengths along white LEDs. The larger the portion of colored LEDs, the more optimal the light is for plant photosynthesis (in comparison to the consumed electricity), but the less bright the light seems to be to human eyes. Therefore, LED vs. other lights efficiency comparison means the efficiency from the plant photosynthesis perspective, not by a human eye observation. For example, if a LED fixture that has colored LEDs is said to be comparable in light power to three (3) fluorescent tubes, the light efficiency observed by human eye should be compared to three red-blue plant fluorescent tubes, not to three white daylight tubes.

Technical specifications:

  • Type: LED Aquarium Light
  • Use: General purpose light for Aquariums, terraarium and plants
  • Mounting: Extendable legs (max. 12mm glass)
  • Aquarium length: up to 70cm
  • LED type: SMD 2835; 72pcs
  • Light Spectrum: 60pcs white (daylight), 6pcs blue 463-466nm, 6pcs red 630nm
  • Operation modes: 3 modes; white LEDs on / All LEDs on / Power off
  • Cooling: Passive cooling
  • Power: 11W
  • Size: 500*106*22mm
  • Weight: 0,553kg (0,468kg without legs)
  • Standard: 230V, 50Hz, Europlug (12V low voltage)

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