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Terrarium MistMaker

This terrarium mist maker is suitable for terrariums housing animals and / or plants, orchid vivariums, greenhouses, birds and other applications where increased humidity is needed. Terrarium foggers or mist makers create fine mist with ultrasonic vibration; hence the “cold” mist creation is not based on evaporation accelerated with heating.

Mist maker device has a separate transformer and small submersible ultrasonic unit, which can be detached from the transformer for easy installation. Ultrasonic unit operates on a safe 12V voltage and has an automatic turn-off sensor. Ultrasonic disc is replaceable. There is one integrated led light in the vibration unit, which lights when the fogger is operating.

Fogger is operated by placing the ultrasonic unit into a dish filled with water. The fogger does not operate if the ultrasonic unit is not fully submerged; the water sensor has to underwater in order to create mist. The best air humidifying effect is usually achieved when the fogger is placed as high inside the terrarium as possible. The ultrasonic vibration might cause small water splashes, which can be avoided by covering the disc or water dish.

It is recommendable to use clean water in order to avoid calcification. If the ultrasonic disc gets calcified, it can be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and water.

NOTE! This terrarium fogger is not designed to be turned on / off on a frequent basis. Frequent starting might shorten the working life of this product. It is recommended to use a timer to turn the fogger on several times a day for a suitable period.

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