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AquaHerp brand, webshop and other business operations are managed by:


Executive Ordinance Oy Ltd
PL 44
FI-00521 Helsinki



Contacting AquaHerp (International):

Contacts to the AquaHerp main office can be done in English.

Email is the preferred way of contact.

If inquiring about an order, please include the order number from the order confirmation email or check it from your customer order history. You may use the order confirmation email to reply to the address shown above.

Please note that it might take a few days before email is answered, especially if the question requires checking information (for example; shipment is delayed in transport, a product feature needs to be measured or applicability in certain purpose has to be evaluated by testing).

Phone calls should be avoided. Given phone number is a cell phone and is used for delivery (return) information. Text messages should not be sent, the same information should be sent via email.

It should be pointed out that any information regarding a specific shipment cannot be checked and given on the phone. So calling does not really make the support / service process any faster.

Questions regarding product use and application should be sent via email. Written answers are reusable when product information and operation instructions are updated or the same question is asked later by another client.


AquaHerp (National / Language Area) support:

Aquaherp is an international and multilingual operation. Therefore, client support is available in multiple languages.

If you have questions about product use and application, you may contact AquaHerp in your own language.

(All questions regarding shipments should be addressed to the international office in English. If you do not speak English, you may address the question to the local AquaHerp team member who will then forward it to the main office. )

Please note that support provided in other languages than International (English) is not carried out within normal office hours as the AquaHerp team members do not work in these positions full-time. It can take a few days to receive an answer, especially if the matter requires checking out details.

As the country specialists are not available during normal office hours, there is unfortunately no phone call option.


Social Media:

Social media accounts are primarily for publishing general information and tips regarding AquaHerp products use and application and other short notes about topics that are generally interesting to terrarium, aquarium and horticulture enthusiasts.

Social media is not a contact channel. All questions regarding orders and other customership issues should be sent via email. Comments regarding to these issues can be removed from social media accounts.



Reclamation regarding a faulty product should be given in a standard form, which is explained in Feedback-page.

Reclamation should be done in English and sent to the International contact email.

AquaHerp is also interested in receiving feedback about product performance and quality after the warranty has expired.

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