Terrarium Fogger / Mist Maker 350ml/h

Ultrasonic terrarium humidifier / Fogger / Mist Maker with 350ml/h output for creation of cold water mist by ultrasonic vibration. Ultrasonic unit is submerged in water, the unit has a sensor that will turn it off automatically if water level drops below operational limit. This model does not have an integrated LED light hence it is suitable for naturalistic terrarium and vivarium setups.

Submersible ultrasonic unit is suitable for increasing humidity in terrariums and plant vivariums and for creating mist effect on water surface in garden ponds and miniature fountains.

This humidifier (ultrasonic unit) uses 12V current, so it is very safe to use within a terrarium. Ceramic disc (13mm) is replaceable and the ultrasonic unit is detachable from the 230V transformer part.

Humidifier should be used with clean water, preferably rain water or RO water. This will keep the ultrasonic unit, terrarium glass panels and plant leaves clean and free from calcium residue. If the ultrasonic disc gets covered with calcium due to the tap water alkalinity, it can be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and water.

NOTE! This terrarium fogger is not designed to be turned on / off on a frequent basis. Frequent starting might shorten the working life of this product. It is recommended to use a timer to turn the fogger on several times a day for a suitable period. If this terrarium fogger is operated by an automatic humidity control / hygrostat, it is strongly recommended to use a starting delay or set a difference between start and desired humidity levels. (Operation delay means that if the target humidity level is set to fixed 70%, the unit will wait a couple of minutes before it turns the fogger on when the humidity drops below 70%. It is much better to use difference between the start and target humidity levels, meaning that if the target level is 70%, the fogger is turned on when the humidity level has dropped to 65%. The fogger will hence operate for a longer period and will not turn on / off so often).

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