RO (Reverse Osmosis) Filter 3-Stage

Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter unit with 190 l/day clean water production. A complete ready-to-use 3-Stage set. Includes RO membrane cartridge, fine filter cartridge (PP) and carbon filter cartridge (CTO).

Reverse osmosis removes all impurities that are dissolved in water including salts, metal residues, water purification chemicals, nutrients, bacteria and calcium. This is useful or necessary in areas where tap water contains impurities or is too hard (high dH) to be used in aquariums and terrariums. RO-water is completely clean and neutral, which makes it excellent for marine aquariums housing sensitive invertebrates like stony corals, terrarium humidifiers and rain systems as dissolved calcium would accumulate on humidifier parts and terrarium glass doors and plant leaves, and for watering plants that are sensitive to salts and minerals like carnivorous plants and epiphytic plants. RO-unit can also be used to make safe drinking water from sea water or dirty fresh water.

This RO filter operates on the regular tap water pressure and it does not require any electric power source. (It is also possible to use it with high pressure water pump in areas where pressurized tap water is not available).

RO filter is installed directly to a household water tap. There are several different connectors available as an accessory, which enable installation to any standard water tap with either internal or external 1/2” or 3/4” thread, for example a shower head can be easily unscrewed and temporarily replaced with RO-unit.

The unit uses standard 1/4” tubing and parts, so it can be easily extended to 4-stage or 5-stage filter. Clean water production can be increased by using a higher output RO-cartridge. The condition of the RO-membrane is monitored by measuring the purified water with a TDS or EC-meter; when the reading begins to increase significantly, the RO-cartridge should be replaced.

The unit looks very similar to other RO-units from other brand names as the actual manufacturer is the same. All similar parts and filter cartridges are interchangeable.

Set Includes:

  • Complete 3-Stage RO Filter Unit
  • 190 l/day RO Cartridge, fine filter (PP) cartridge, carbon filter (CTO) cartridge
  • Wrench for opening filter body
  • 3 meters of 1/4” PVC tubing
  • 3/4” tap connector FEMALE (= with internal 3/4” thread, installs to a tap with external thread)
  • 1/4” T-valve with 1/2” thread (enables to instal RO-unit in a same tap with another device)
  • Operational instructions in English
  • Weight: 1,24kg

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