Aquarium Protein Skimmer Eco Nano 600 l/h

Internal protein skimmer for small marine aquariums / reef aquariums. This compact protein skimmer has versatile features and is perfect for nano reef aquariums. Water pump operated, a hang-on bracket with height adjustment, internal water flow adjustment, air bubble catcher for the processed water, air intake is equipped with a sound suppressor, removable collection cup with a connector for an exit tube.

Hang-on mounting holds the skimmer securely in place. Mounting height can be adjusted 6cm according to the water level. In addition, the skimmer has an internal water flow adjustment. The whole skimmer is inside the aquarium so there is no leaking risk. There is an option to install a tube to the collection cup, which will automatically lead the collected waste to an external container. This is useful as the collection cup cannot become full after which the waste would flow back to the aquarium and the collection cup does not need to be removed from the skimmer for emptying.

NOTE! Beneficial protein skimmer size depends on reef aquarium inhabitants and care. Skimmer size should always be determined according to the actual waste load of the aquarium; the less there are fish and other animals that are being fed, the less there will be nitrate and phosphate addition to the water. Reef aquariums housing soft corals and macro algae (which need enough nutrients to thrive) will need much less skimming capacity than reef aquarium housing LPS or SPS corals (that will not tolerate high nutrient levels) when the aquarium size and number of fish are the same.

More than one skimmer can be used in one aquarium. Multiple skimmers are usable if marine aquarium is in a tight place where a larger (external) protein skimmer cannot be mounted or if there is a change in the needed skimming capacity (for example if more fish is acquired or aquarium is updated to a larger size), instead on buying a new larger skimmer one or more small low priced skimmers can be added in order to achieve larger skimming capacity.

Technical specifications:

  • Type: Water pump operated Protein Skimmer
  • Use: Reef aquariums, Marine aquariums, Brackish water aquariums
  • Mounting: Internal Hang-on
  • Aquarium size: 30-50 liters and larger
  • Pump flow: 600 l/h
  • Power: 8W
  • Size: 90*70*350mm (body diameter 50mm)
  • Weight: 0.75kg
  • Standard: 230V, 50Hz, Europlug

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