E27 Reptile Light 10.0% UVB 26W

Compact fluorescent UV-B lamp with E27 base for reptiles and terrarium animals. This fluorescent compact bulb is self ballasted and it can be be used in all incandescent lamp systems with standard E27 sockets.

10,0% UVB is suitable for species from open areas that are exposed to direct sunlight several hours a day. This UVB tube is recommended to reptiles living in deserts. In order to avoid UVB overdose, it might be necessary to limit 10% UVB radiation by keeping the UV light on only several hours a day or place the UV tube above the basking spot while the rest of the terrarium area is not lighted with UVB light.

10,0% UV-B fluorescent tube produces approximately 40% of UV-A radiation along visible light.

UV-B light is very important for diurnal reptiles that receive natural sunlight in their natural habitat. UV-B-radiation is vital to calcium metabolism and D3 vitamin formation, and lack of UV-B wavelengths can cause serious metabolic problems.

UV-B wavelengths are important to metabolism, while UV-A wavelengths have otherwise positive affect on activity, colors and general condition of diurnal reptiles. Animals from sunny areas are sensitive to lower light wavelengths than humans, which means that they can see part of UV-A radiation as visible light. UV-B fluorescent tubes that illuminate visible light always produce significantly higher amounts of UV-A radiation than UV-B (UV-A wavelengths are between UV-B and visible light). In practice, when an UV-B tube is used, there will be automatically enough UV-A radiation for diurnal species.

UV tube should be positioned above the area where the animals spend much time, preferably above the basking spot. An effective reflector is recommendable in order to direct the light effectively. As UV intensity depends on the distance just like visible light intensity, UV-tube should be positioned as close to the animals as possible.

It should be noted that UVB radiation does not penetrate glass.

Total length of the bulb (including 3cm threaded base): 15,4cm

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