Terrarium Thermostat Cool/Heat -40C°- +110C°

Professional quality universal microprocessor operated programmable temperature controlling (heating /cooling -40°C - +110°C) unit for terrariums, vivariums, small greenhouses and aquariums where temperature must be controlled automatically. This thermostat is suitable for controlling both HEATING and COOLING devices.

Temperature controlling range is -40°C – 110°C (the unit can control temperature between these values). Adjustable temperature control difference is 0,0 - 5,0°C (thermostat can be set to start heating or cooling 0,0 – 5,0°C below / above the target temperature; for example if the target temperature is 25,0°C, the unit can be set to start heating when temperature has dropped up to 5,0°C below 25,0°C, for example at 21,5°C.

If temperature control difference is 0,0°C (the thermostat is set to maintain constant temperature), operation delay of 0-150 seconds can be used in order to prevent continuous on / off action which can be damaging to heating / cooling devices. This means, that if the target temperature is 25°C, the thermostat will not start heating instantly when the temperature drops to 24,9°C, but will wait for example 120 seconds before the heating is turned on.

This thermostat unit has a microprocessor control, external temperature sensor, and it can operate heating / cooling devices up to 1200W / 10A . The unit is suitable for universal European standard plug types F, C and E.

The unit has one socket and it can be used with either heating or cooling device. It is suitable for terrariums, aquariums and vivariums / small greenhouses and it can control heat lamps, heat mats, heat cables, cooling fans, water chillers, reptile egg incubators etc. If both active heating and cooling are needed in the same space, it can be arranged with two units.

Technical specifications:

  • Scale: Celsius °C / Farenheit °F
  • Temperature controlling range: -40 - +110°C
  • Resolution: 0,1°C
  • Accuracy: +/-1,0°C
  • Temperature difference: 0,0 – 5,0°C
  • Operation delay: 0 – 150 seconds
  • Sensor: external NTC sensor with 85cm cable
  • Temperature measuring range: -40 - 110°C
  • Operating temperature / humidity (processor unit): -10°C - +60°C, 20% - 85% RH
  • Input voltage: 220V/230V, 50Hz
  • Socket / plug: Europlug / Type F (compatible with C and E)
  • Power consumption: 3W
  • Max. load: 1200W
  • Relay: 10A
  • Cable length: 105cm
  • Measurements: 135/170*55*36mm
  • Weight:

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