TerraRain Rainfall system

Rainfall system is suitable for increasing humidity in larger terrariums and vivariums. It is also suitable for automatic misting / watering plants in terrariums / vivariums and greenhouses and for misting exotic bird aviaries. One rain system can be easily set to mist multiple terrariums simultaneously and the operation time and sprayed water volume can be controlled with a timer or hygrostat / humidistat control unit. It can be also used for watering plants and “green walls” that are grown without terrariums.

Rain system uses a high pressure electric water pump, tubing and spraying nozzles to create fine water spray. Pressurized water system can create mist more effectively than ultrasonic vibration and as the mist is created at the misting location by the spraying nozzle, tube length is not an issue in a and multiple spray nozzles can be added. Pump operated humidifying method is therefore better for large terrariums or greenhouses. Along spray nozzles, drip nozzles are also available. Drip nozzles are suitable in creating drinking water drops for chameleons and other animals that drink water drops from plant leaves and for watering vivarium backgrounds with live moss and epiphytic plants.

Unlike ultrasonic foggers, rain systems can also recycle water if a terrarium has an integrated water area. If water is recycled, it is very important to use a filter which will remove all particles from the water, as the spray nozzles can be easily blocked by small debris.

The pumping volume is adjustable, but as this is a high pressure pump, it will spray relatively high volumes of water in a short time even when set to the minimum level. In Practice it is recommendable to control the system with a timer enabling an operation time between 1-10 seconds, especially if the water is not circulated within the terrarium.

This Terrarium rainfall system is delivered with three spray nozzles, one drip nozzle and 5 meters of 6mm tubing with 1+2 end plugs and attachment parts (included parts are shown in the product image). Nozzles and other extra parts are available separately.

NOTE! All parts are interchangeable with parts from terrarium rain systems using the same 6mm tubing sold under other brand names.

NOTE! The tubing used in this rain system is standard 6/4mm (external diameter / internal diameter) PCV tubing. However, due to the way the tube is connected to the pump and nozzles (attachment is secured by squeezing the connector part around the tube), the tubing must be of a solid type PVC hose which will not collapse when pressed from the outside. Because of this, soft 6/4mm silicone tubing used commonly with air pumps is not suitable for this system. Silicone tube can be attached to the PVC line by using internal type 6/4mm connector parts used with air pump tubing. This is mainly applicable if the system is used to water plants, a green wall, terrarium backgrounds etc. with water dripping through small incisions cut in the tube. If the tubing is to be hidden in the watered area, a silicone tube is more suitable for camouflaging due to its flexibility.

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