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Availability of reasonably priced quality equipment is vitally important for successful maintenance of aquariums, terrariums and horticulture applications. AquaHerp aims to fulfill this need with the new AquaHerp product line, which focuses on technical appliances. AquaHerp products are produced and sold under AquaHerp brand, which enables cost-effective operation and affordable prices to clients.

Our mission is to provide hobbyists and professionals best value in equipment and accessories. According to our principle, the more cost-effective quality products we offer, the less there are economical reasons to purchase goods that are too small, underpowered or otherwise non-optimal for the purpose. Hence, we are promoting hobby animal well-being by enabling purchases of appropriate care equipment to every hobbyist.

AquaHerp webshop is not trying to offer the largest product assortment from multible brands - our objective is to offer the best quality/price ratio - hence the best value for the money spent on the equipment.


AquaHerp U.S.A.-Principle

The principle of AquaHerp is to offer products that are Usable, Sensible and Affordable. All products that are accepted to the product line have been objectively evaluated and tested by advanced enthusiasts of terrarium, aquarium and horticulture in regard of these quidelines.

Usable = Product is easy to use and it functions in a way it is supposed to

Sensible = Product is necessary or truly beneficial so that using it is sensible

Affordable = Quality at an affordable price; high quality/price value


AquaHerp Product Line

AquaHerp products are selected by intensive testing and evaluation by experienced people, and represent the most useable models in their categories, keeping a special focus in the best quality/price value. Due to this principle, we are trying to eliminate all unnecessary costs that increase the price hobbyists pay for our goods.

Due to the company objectives, AquaHerp product line is extensive and covers most of the necessary technical equipment needed in aquarium/terrarium/horticulture hobby, but does not include many alternative products in the same product category.There are several important reasons for the limited product options.

First, AquaHerp product line is based on facts and objective evaluation, hence there has to be an objective argument why the product in question is accepted to the product line. Because of this, the general quideline is to accept only the best option and leave out less-than-optimal alternatives, which have otherwise similar qualities.

For example;

A coffee machine category would have one basic household coffee machine which is evaluated to be generally the best of its kind by qualities and price , instead of offering a dozen basic coffee machines of different brand names.

In addition to the basic household coffee machine, the category would also have other types of coffee machines like espresso machine and professional coffee shop coffee maker , but they are reasonably different products than the basic version. There would be only one alternative of these types as well, unless there is an important reason to have several options on the same type of coffee maker.

A sensible reason can be a different practical use of the basic coffee machine; a single person who has a coffee machine basically because of guests has a different need for machine quality (component tolerance of wear from heavy use) than a large family that is consuming dozens of cups of coffee a day. If a machine suitable for random use is significantly cheaper, it is sensible to offer it along more durable and expensive heavy-user version, as long as the guality difference is clearly pointed out in the product description.

Second, as it is often necessary to design or modify product features in order to make the product as usable as possible, AquaHerp products are in many cases manufactured according to the special design. The bigger the manufactured quantity is in one production run, the better will be the end price for the client. This is the basic economies of scale principle.

Third, The objective oe AquaHerp is to offer the best value for the money (best quality/price ratio), which is only achievable by removing unnecessary costs from the supply chain. As AquaHerp products are managed by the company from the manufacturing factories to the client, it is possible to offer very affordable pricing.

Selling alternative / similar products from other brands does not make it possible to offer the best quality, the best quality for the price or not even the cheapest price. Hence competing brands are excluded, as the brand name itself has no real value in equipment that is evalueted according to its real performance and fuctional quality. (This is not to be understood that products from other brands were considered to be of a lower quality. Similar products from different brands typically perform in a similar way. Hence, instructions, tips and ideas presented with AquaHerp products are usually applicable to equivalent products from other brands and vice versa.)

Although technical equipment is almost entirely AquaHerp brand, AquaHerp webshop also offers supportive products from other brands that meet the U.S.A.-principle. These products are primarily feeds, vitamins and chemical products. (It is typical for these goods to have a very short product description, as the detailed product information is found on the manufacturer (Brand) website).

Fourth, All products offered for purchase by AquaHerp webshop are instantly available for delivery at the company warehouse. Products are not purchased from wholesalers after a client has placed an order, which is often the case with online shops offering huge multi-brand assortment (and very long delivery times).


AquaHerp 6-Pack Deals

Most AquaHerp products are offered as package deals with discounted prices. This is a great way to purchase items that have a limited service life (incandescent bulbs) or to get equipment for multiple aquariums or terrariums that are being set up or updated.

6-Pack Deals (6 pieces at the price of 5) are also intended to reduce the effect of shipping costs. As the shipping cost formation favors heavy orders, the higher is the number of ordered pieces, the lower will be the shipping cost per piece. A client who purchases a 6-Pack but does not need all pieces can neutralize shipping expenses by selling the extra pieces to other local hobbyists via online auctions, hobby forums, social media groups and other marketplaces. Alternatively, shipping expences can be reduced by teaming up with local hobbyists and making a group order.

Clients are allowed to copy and link AquaHerp product images and descriptions from AquaHerp website to their sales ads.


AquaHerp Copyright Statement

All texts and images on AquaHerp website are copyrighted. Due to the AquaHerp sales concept which promotes large discounted purchases and resales in order to neutralize shipping cost effect, there is a general approval for private persons to use all copyrighted AquaHerp material as long as a link to AquaHerp.com website is presented with it. This approval applies to both non-commercial and commercial purposes carried out by private individuals.

Hence a private person is allowed to use AquaHerp product images and product information texts when he / she sells AquaHerp products, either new or used, in online auctions, other internet market sites, internet forums, social media groups etc. as long as the ad is linked to AquaHerp.com website.

If there are restrictions regarding use of images with copyright markings, this statement can be linked to the webmaster / admin in order to prove acceptance to use AquaHerp images.


Continuous Evolution

AquaHerp is always interested to receive feedback and welcome all kinds of improvement suggestions. The company is continuously evolving in order to optimise products and processes, and client feedback is important part of this practice.

Although the products accepted in our product line are carefully pre-tested and evaluated, it is important to know if there are later shortcomings or other remarkable issues involved with their performance. Feedback enables us to adjust and optimize the product line and product quality.


AquaHerp Team

AquaHerp operation is directed by a multinational team of individuals experienced in maintaining different types of exotic life forms in artificial environments. Our team enables us to have a comprehensive combined long-term knowledge, understanding and experience in care practises and enthusiast needs. This is very important in our product testing and evaluation process and helps us to provide the optimal products to our clients.


AquaHerp History

The predecessor of AquaHerp was established in 2008 in Finland. After several years of importing and distributing a variety of terrarium, aquarium and hydroponics related products sold under various brand names, a need for new practices became evident.

In order to provide best product features, many of the products were becoming more or less customized and therefore not available from the existing brand companies. In addition to product optimization, there was also a need to optimize the whole supply chain. This was done in order to remove all unnecessary costs an enable very economical and client friendly pricing - the best quality/price ratio - which has been the objective from the very beginning.

These practices made a product line unity essential, and the result is AquaHerp brand. As AquaHerp products were intended for the international European Union market from the beginning, the brand is managed by a new company, which is though closely connected to the original by ownership, management and financial resources.

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We Accept
2 x Aquarium ATO System / 2 sensors / magnet / 6-PACK
2 x Aquarium ATO System / 3 sensors / suction cup / 6-PACK
2 x Dosing pump 1-channel (Master)
4 x Aquarium ATO System / 2 sensors / magnet
3 x Aquarium Automatic Top Off System / Optical Sensors
3 x Aquarium ATO System / 1 sensor / magnet / 6-PACK
2 x Aquarium ATO System / 3 sensors / suction cup
3 x Aquarium ATO System / 2 sensors / suction cup
2 x SPA-1500 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x EF-05 Filter Canister O-ring
1 x FP-2000 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
3 x SPA-3000 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
3 x Hailea HX-6530 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
2 x SPA-350 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
2 x Hailea HX-6520 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
2 x Hailea HL-BT400 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x FP-3000 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
2 x FP-750 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
2 x SPA-6000 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x Internal Filter 200 l/h (HJ-111B) / 6-PACK
1 x Internal Filter FP 1350 l/h
1 x Internal Filter 380 l/h (HL-BT400)
1 x Internal Filter FP 950 l/h
1 x Corner Filter max. 250 l/h (JP-092)
1 x Internal Filter 200 l/h (HJ-111B)
1 x Spare Part Mist Maker 350ml / 550ml disc key
1 x Electronic pH-meter 0.0-14.0 pH
1 x Internal Filter 200 l/h (HL-BT200)
1 x LED Aquarium Light Daylight-A 50cm 11W
2 x RO (Reverse Osmosis) Filter 3-Stage
1 x Internal Filter max. 600 l/h (JP-033F) / 6-PACK
1 x Terrarium Humidifier / Mist Maker 550ml/h / 6-PACK
1 x Internal Filter 200 l/h (HL-BT200) / 6-PACK
1 x Internal Filter max. 600 l/h (JP-033F)
1 x Internal Filter FP 1350 l/h / 6-PACK
1 x Internal Filter 380 l/h (HL-BT400) / 6-PACK
1 x Internal Filter FP 950 l/h / 6-PACK
1 x Corner Filter max. 250 l/h (JP-092) / 6-PACK
1 x Terrarium Humidifier / Mist Maker 550ml/h
1 x Refractometer (ATC)
1 x Aquarium Protein Skimmer Eco Nano 600 l/h
1 x LED Aquarium Light Daylight-C TROPICAL 50cm 20W
3 x Atman AT-3337/8 Tap Connector (Elbow) 2PK Large
5 x Atman AT-3335/6 Tap Connector (Elbow) 2PK Small
3 x Atman AT-3337/8 Ceramic Shaft with Rubber Ends
2 x SPA-1000 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
2 x Hailea HX-6540 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x EF-05 Filter Connect Pipe O-ring
1 x FP-1000 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
2 x SPA-5000 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
4 x SPA-2000 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
2 x Atman Endcaps for Spray Bar large
1 x Atman Endcaps for Spray Bar small
2 x Atman Spray Bar Kit-Large
1 x Atman Spray Bar Kit-Small
1 x Atman AT-3335/6 Ceramic Shaft with Rubber Ends
2 x Hailea HX-6550 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x FP-350 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x FP-28E Filter Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
3 x SPA-4000 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
3 x Hailea HX-6510 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x SPA-750 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x EF-05 Filter Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x FP-38E Filter Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 3000 l/h
1 x Terrarium MistMaker
1 x Aquarium T5 Overtank Light 3*21W
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 350 l/h
1 x Atman AT-3337/8 Small O-Ring (5PK)-Large
1 x Cooling / Ventilation Fan Unit (5 fans) / 6-PACK
1 x Atman AT-3335/6 Hose In/Out Tap (2PK) Small
1 x Aquarium Protein Skimmer DT 1400 l/h (400mm)
1 x Reptile Solar UVB Lamp E27 100W Frozen / 6-PACK
2 x Hang-On Filter NF 450 l/h / 6-PACK
1 x Atman Canister Filter Accessory Bag for all models
1 x Air Compressor ACQ 25,0 l/min / 6-PACK
1 x Terrarium Thermostat Cool/Heat -40C°- +110C°
1 x Reflector for 30W (900mm) T8 Fluorescent Tube / 6-PACK
1 x Hailea H-12 Seal Ring / Flat O-ring for hose connector
1 x High Porosity Ceramic Granules 1,5 l / 2kg
1 x Activated Carbon 3mm / 1 Liter
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 2000 l/h / 6-PACK
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 150 l/h
2 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 1500 l/h
1 x Atman AT-3335/6 Pump Head Rubber Gasket-Small
1 x Aquarium Light LED Nano 3W / 6-PACK
1 x Reptile Desert 70W E27 Metal Halide Bulb
1 x RO Filter Cartridge fine filter (PP) / 6-PACK
1 x Aquarium / Terrarium T5 Light Unit 2*14W
2 x Filter Bag PP 10cm (4”)
1 x Hailea HL-BT1000 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x Atman AT-3335/6 Filter Body Clip (1) Small
1 x Terrarium Thermostat Cool/Heat for Day&Night (AC) / 6-PACK
1 x Hailea HL-BT700 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 2000 l/h
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 150 l/h / 6-PACK
2 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 1000 l/h / 6-PACK
2 x Hailea HL-BT200 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x RO Filter Cartridge (membrane) 190 l/day
2 x Aquarium Protein Skimmer Eco Nano 600 l/h / 6-PACK
1 x LED Grow Light Daylight-C GROW 50cm 20W
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 1500 l/h / 6-PACK
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 100 l/h / 6-PACK
1 x Terrarium Fogger / Mist Maker 350ml/h / 6-PACK
1 x RO Filter Cartridge carbon filter (CTO) / 6-PACK
1 x Spare Part Mist Maker 350ml / 550ml disc 13mm
1 x FP-1500 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x JBL Permanent CO2 + pH Test
1 x Nekton MSA 80g
1 x Ivy Vine 185cm / 6-PACK
1 x Aquarium ATO System / 2 sensors / suction cup / 6-PACK
1 x Ceramic Heat Bulb E27 Flat 25W
1 x Nekton B Komplex 35g (Birds)
1 x Nest Basket Cup 11*6cm
1 x Artificial Coral (Resin) 15*14*12cm
1 x Air Pump CJY 2,0 l/min Adjustable / 6-PACK
1 x Sodium (Hydrogen / Bi)Carbonate (NaHCO3) / 1kg
2 x Hailea H-12 Filter Body Clip
1 x Grow Tent Silver Mylar 120*120*200cm
1 x Airstone 300mm
1 x Artificial Coral (Resin) 17,5*13*8cm
1 x Artificial Coral (Resin) 10,5*8,5*18cm
1 x Aquarium Automatic Top Off System / Optical Sensors / 6-PACK
1 x Aquarium Automatic Top Off system / Mechanical / 6-PACK
1 x Boston Fern 33cm
1 x Air Pump Tubing 4/6m (100m roll) / 6-PACK
2 x Aquarium Canister Filter Atman CF-1200 / 6-PACK
1 x Artificial Coral (Resin) 18*15*7cm
1 x Aquarium Heater 25W HT-825
1 x Fish Net 30cm
1 x Aquarium Heater 150W HT-8150
2 x Aquarium Canister Filter Atman CF-1200
1 x Cede Minerals 1200g (Birds)
1 x Air Curtain 90cm / 6-PACK
1 x Aquarium Heater 150W HT-8150 / 6-PACK
1 x Terrarium Heat Cable 4m / 15W / 6-PACK
1 x Aquarium Heater 200W HT-8200 / 6-PACK
1 x Aquarium Heater 100W HT-8100
1 x Atman Intake Strainer
1 x Aquarium Chiller for 50-350l / 6-PACK
1 x JBL NovoCrabs 100ml
1 x Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) / 20kg
1 x Aquarium Cooling Fan 4W
1 x Aquarium Stream Pump for Nano Aquariums
1 x Hang-On Filter NF 450 l/h
1 x Hang-On Filter NF 300 l/h / 6-PACK
1 x RO-connector 1/2” MALE
1 x Aquarium Protein Skimmer DT 1850 l/h (600mm)
1 x Aquarium Stream Pump 3000 l/h 6-PACK
1 x Aquarium Protein Skimmer Eco Micro 730 l/h
1 x RO Filter Cartridge (membrane) 190 l/day / 6-PACK
1 x Bio Balls 29mm / 1 Liter
2 x Aquarium Stream Pump for Nano Aquariums / 6-PACK
1 x RO Filter Cartridge fine filter (PP)
1 x Aquarium Canister Filter EF 150 l/h
1 x Aquarium Stream Pump 5000 l/h
1 x RO-filter 1/4” PVC tubing (per meter)
1 x Hang-On Filter NF 600 l/h / 6-PACK
1 x Aquarium Protein Skimmer Eco Mini 1100 l/h / 6-PACK
1 x Aquarium Protein Skimmer DT 1400 l/h (500mm)
1 x UV Sterilizer Unit 11W
1 x UV Sterilizer Unit CUV-209 9W
1 x Filter Bag Holder 10cm (4”)
1 x RO Filter Cartridge carbon filter (CTO)
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 100 l/h
1 x Hailea H-12 Canister / Main housing
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 1000 l/h
1 x Hailea H-12 Body Clip Shaft
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 750 l/h
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 750 l/h / 6-PACK
1 x Hailea H-12 Rotor Assembly / Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 3000 l/h / 6-PACK
1 x Adjustable Water Pump FP 350 l/h / 6-PACK
1 x Hailea H-12 Pump Head Rubber Gasket, O-ring
1 x Porous Ceramic Rings / 1 Liter
1 x Zeolite 5-10mm / 1 Liter
2 x Atman AT-3335/6 Small O-Ring (5PK)-Small
2 x Atman AT-3337/8 Impeller Cover (2pc) Large
2 x Atman AT-3337/8 Large O-Ring (1)-Large
2 x Atman AT-3337/8 Filter Body Clip (1) Large
2 x Atman AT-3335/6 Large O-Ring (1)-Small
2 x Atman AT-3335/6/7/8 Rubber seal-Inlet.Media Basket
2 x Atman AT-3337/8 Impeller w/Shaft & Ends
2 x Atman AT-3335/6 Impeller Cover (1) Small
2 x Atman AT-3337/8 Hose In/Out Tap (2PK) Large
1 x Aquarium Stream Pump 12 000 l/h
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