Aquarium Stream Pump 3000 l/h

Aquarium stream pump / aquarium wave maker for effective water circulation in marine aquariums, fresh water aquariums and garden ponds.

This stream pump's base has one large lever-operated suction cup, which provides a reliable attachment. The pump can be positioned freely on a clean glass panel or other smooth and straight surface. Pump unit and the base are connected with a ball-and-socket joint, which enables free direction adjustment.

Corrosion resistant replaceable stainless steel impeller shaft, all other parts are sealed in plastic.

NOTE! This stream pump is not designed to be turned on / off on a frequent basis. Frequent starting can damage the pump.

Aquarium stream pumps or wave makers are designed for effective water circulation. Stream pumps have several advantages over normal water pumps when the objective is to achieve water movement within an aquarium tank or other water container.

Stream pumps have a phenomenal pumping capacity in comparison to their low power consumption. In practice this means that due to their low nominal power, stream pumps are very economical in use and as their motor produces practically no heat, they do not heat aquarium water like normal water pumps of similar output usually do.

Stream pumps do not create strong concentrated water flow like traditional water pumps, most of which are designed to be capable to pump water into a hose and lift the pumped water several meters above the pump level. Unlike normal water pumps, stream pumps do not have any sort of a jet piece which would concentrate the water flow. Instead, stream pump is designed to spread the water flow as effectively as possible.

Stream pump design eliminates the difficulties caused by strong concentrated water flow within a limited aquarium space as effectively as possible. Hence, stream pumps can be used to create very effective high volume water circulation without a strong concentrated current. This is very useful in marine aquariums, where the aquarium water volume preferable circulates several dozen times each hour but strong current is problematic. Stream pump position and flow direction can be adjusted freely, so they can be also used to create water flow in situations when strong current is needed, for example in fresh water aquariums imitating rapids environment. Large fresh water tanks and ponds often also benefit from an additional water flow along filtration.

Suitable stream pump power depends on the aquarium size, shape, decoration and the desired water circulation volume. Due to the pump design, stream pump water flow measurement is difficult, so the given nominal water flow is not an exact value.

Technical specifications:

  • Model: JVP-101
  • Type: Aquarium Stream Pump / Wave Maker
  • Use: marine / fresh water aquariums, garden ponds
  • Flow: app. 3000 l/h
  • Power: 6W
  • Size: 150*77*93mm
  • Weight: 0,37kg
  • Standard: 230V, 50Hz, Europlug
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